Testing & Commissioning Engineer (منتهي)

The Palestinian Electricity Transmission Ltd. (PETL) invites applications from eligible candidates for Testing & Commissioning Engineer position with the following details:

Testing & Commissioning Engineer (Ref. #: TCE/TD/ 2017-10)

Roles and Responsibilities:

–    Handles commissioning and test substation automation systems such as Relays, Annunciators, RTU’s, Substation Computers, Communication Gateways LANS for AIS and GIS Substations with voltages 22 KV up to 161 KV will also provide technical support to Protection and Control Engineers and assist Project Teams in developing project scope, resources and schedule requirements.
–    Prepare test plans, supervise and coordinate commissioning activities for Power Transformers, Voltage Regulators, CB’s, PT’s, CT’s, HV Switches and Station Service Equipment and AC/DC System such as UPS, Chargers, Batteries and Transfer Switches.
–    Perform primary and secondary testing of instrument transformers (current and voltage transformers), polarity and ratio check.
–    Oversee settingup and testing of protection relays for HV feeders, power transformers, and measurement centers.    Handles testing of MV switchboards including the apparatus e.g. circuit breaker, disconnecting switches, earthing switches, VT’s, etc., including testing of LV switchboards, apparatus such as circuit breakers, etc., the protection devices such as earth fault detection, etc. and measurement devices or centers.
–    Responsible in testing of DC power supply system including the batteries, the chargers and switchboards. Handles testing of UPS system including the batteries, the UPS units and switchboards, loop test to control and supervise the computerized system, fault recorder, etc.
–    Perform scheme test or functional test, testing of inter
trip panel and tripping matrix and monitor testing of mechanical and electrical interlocking schemes.
–    Supervise the setting and testing of the protection guard of the main step
down and auxiliary power transformer like oil and winding temperature and gas pressure.   Handles testing the controls of the main stepdown and auxiliary power transformers including the onload tap changer.
–    Oversees the testing of substation equipment and prepares necessary reports.


-B.A electrical engineering (Automation, protection, control, power) with a minimum of 5 years’ experience.

Interested applicants please send a CV in English to


with the Reference # in the subject line, by 3:00 PM, Thursday, November 30, 2017.  Application packages will be considered on a rolling basis. Qualified applicants will be contacted for an interview.